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Aaron Smith

Thursday, July 29, 2010


LIke a young Rev Run N bed writtin to my people except no words of inspiration, well maybe Whatever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas! but i think y’all already knew that. I feel good bc “Love Stoned” is officially completed!!! Its been a fun 4 months. I moved to Hollywood bought some studio gear and just went in and ya’ll are gonna love it.. All i have to do now is get it mixed and mastered and its yours! i set a date of sept 7th to release it, but i’ll push it forward so as soon as its all ready i’ll put it out, but as far as the recording its done. And to me “love Stoned” is just a taste of whats to come in the future 8 songs that you can marinate on :) Short and Sweet. I love yall. Gotta go eat bc im skinny enough then catch a flight to the city of sin. Much love!



  1. Vii says:

    Very good news! Hope to hear that mixtape soon

  2. Ryan Runyeon says:

    Love all of what I’ve heard of the new mixtape. I met you in Columbus a few weeks ago at your concert at Newport music hall. I actually smoked with you and a couple of my friends afterwards at the signing and picture table but it was the best concert ive ever been too. Probably one of the best nights of my life. But I appreciate what your doing, keep it up.

  3. yayoss13 says:

    Koo~! lovin that sample of “Love Stoned” can’t wait for the full album~!

  4. Rohan says:


    Where you staying at in Vegas and you performing anywhere? Can’t wait till your next show in LA.



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