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Aaron Smith

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Click here to get a new song from the LOVE STONED mixtape called “Pretty Girl”!

Discuss NEW SONG!!

  1. xuywlqdv says:

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  2. CValenzuela says:

    Love it! You said you wanted to get a different vibe than what you put out with Shwayze and you definitely got that working for you. Kudos.

  3. isk8tre says:

    yo shwayze , keep up the hard workk man. Goood shxtt

  4. Sean says:

    Worked for me thanks!

  5. Sally says:

    I cant waitt until this mixed tape comes ouuut! The link still doesnt workk! But Im suure Ill hear it sooner or later(:

  6. Dave says:

    it was worth the wait

  7. Taylor Price says:

    Works fine for me. I’m not sure about this song though. Lyrics are good and all but I’m not sure about the beat. All the songs you make are different so thats good that a diverse amount of people will listen.

  8. Jordan B says:


  9. Chris says:


  10. tiMi3e says:

    the link doesnt work for me

  11. martynamaria says:

    its not working :(

  12. jason says:

    shwayz, the link “here” doesn’t work!!!
    please, correct it

  13. miguel says:



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