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Aaron Smith

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day After

Last night was a celebration! Chris young is 21 yrs young! So we were rocking on stage and suddenly my NEW iPhone falls out of my pocket into the crowd. Mind you the stage is 20ft above the crowd and The last time I had an iPhone I lost it in 3days so with this iPhone I mAde a promise to NOT lose it. So I jumped after it right in the middle of “Get u Home” I’m sure everyone thought I was just being drunk ole me, but I was on a mission! Luckily I found it and all Is good! Now I’m in bed thinking of the concept for 1 of the videos I’m going to shoot for “love Stoned”. Got some dope ideas brewing y’all are gonna love :) I’ll keep you updated on that. Hittin up Tao beach today with Cisco Adler, Dirt Nasty, and Chris Young, but first breakfast n bed :) LOVE STONED!
much love,


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  1. Veronica says:

    When are you going to release more lovestoned music. I’m loving the new style! Gimme Gime More Gimme MORE!

  2. Saltine_Surfer says:

    haha..glad that phone is OK man. and def excited for that vid! LOVE STONED, album of the year baby!!

  3. Justin says:

    Video to Saturday would be dopee


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